How to Achieve Trust from Stakeholders in Projects

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  • "The modern project manager is trustworthy"

  • Throughout my career as a project manager I have encountered stakeholders with whom I had difficulty establishing a two-way trusting relationship. It can be difficult to convince a stakeholders to trust you and make them feel like you have what it takes to deliver on the project objectives. Many reasons can make stakeholders doubt you and not trust you initially. Some of those reasons can be:

    • You are new to the organization
    • The previous project manager set the bar high
    • It is not in the company culture to establish trust
    • Stakeholders had a negative experience before
    • Stakeholders do not know you and your leadership style enough

    Regardless of the reason, you should always strive to establish a two-way trust with your project stakeholders.


  • In order for project teams and stakeholders to establish a two-way trust, the project manager must be transparent with their communication, communicate news and project progress effectively and establish excellent relationships with stakeholders from the beginning.

    The project manager must provide transparent project reports that informs the stakeholders and allows them to make  the right decisions.

    All project information must be clearly communicated throughout the project duration and to the right stakeholders.

    Also, establishing excellent relationships with sponsors, teams and stakeholders is imperative for them to trust you.

    Being trustworthy also goes hand-in-hand with being ethical and knowing right from wrong. Trust can also be established in the wrong way. You must be able to identify the opportunities to establish the right trust and for the right reasons.


  • Your project is about your stakeholders being satisfied with the quality of work (service) that you offer them. They will trust you when they feel comfortable to talk to you about the project and know that they will get their concerns heard.

    In the same way, you must put emphasis in  establishing a good relationship for with them, paying attention to their concerns, ideas and fears. when you tap into that, trust me they will trust you!


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