The Cloud Migration Project: A Journey of Resilience

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  • A project doesn't get easier throughout its duration, we grow and switch our mindset to become resilient along the way.

  • Resiliency is defined in the dictionary as (of a person or animal) being able to withstand or┬árecover quickly from difficult conditions.

    In the fast-paced world of project management, juggling teams, tight deadlines and tight budgets is a daily challenge. One particular project that comes to mind is the ambitious journey of migrating an Email server to the Cloud. As the project manager, my resilience was put to the test many times throughout the length of the project but I certainly believe that I was able to withstand and recover from the difficult conditions.

    The organization, like many others, decided it was time to embrace the cloud for its countless benefits like efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. However, constraints such as a legacy system, tight timelines, limited information and a small project team would make this project a difficult endeavour.


  • As the project manager, my duty was to nurture resilience within the project team whom team members I did not know well or had worked with previously. Communication became our lifeline. My goal was to create an open and transparent environment where the team members felt comfortable sharing concerns and ideas. I believe this collaborative approach empowered the team members to contribute solutions and build a collective resilience that allowed us to move forward and complete tasks on time.

    We followed a waterfall methodology for many of our tasks as dependencies existed among them. However, we also implemented Agile along the way, breaking some of the massive migration tasks into smaller more manageable tasks that allowed us to finish on time, celebrate small victories along the way, boost team morale and reinforce our resilience.


  • I can say that I learned many things that made me a better project manager along the duration of this project. Some valuable lessons I learned were that:

    1. Flexibility is key and it is important to embrace change and adapt strategies accordingly as problems arise
    2. Teamwork is  is a powerful force. Encourage communication and collaboration among team members making them feel valued and supported
    3. Acknowledging and celebrating even the smallest achievements, keeps the team's morale high and fuels resilience

    It was clear that success would depend on our ability to work as a team, grow and become resilient as we confronted obstacles and setbacks during this cloud migration project.



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