Every Project is Unique, so are You

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  • "The modern project manager is unique"

  • Sometimes we ask ourselves whether our personality can affect our projects, the short answer is Yes, it does.

    The definition of unique is being one of a kind or unlike anything else.

    Our experiences and what we go throughout our daily lives shape and define who we are. At least the the experiences that we let define us. But do we understand that each one of us is unique? Do we apply our uniqueness to the work that we do everyday?

    All project managers do not have the same communication style, they do not engage stakeholders the same way and they do not tackle tasks using the same approach. We all act differently when we are dealing with a project or situation.

    We all have different views in which we see the the world. Therefore we need to realize that we are unique. How do we do that?


  • We can learn from others through stories and experiences but ultimately it is our own experiences that define us and makes us unique.

    As a project manager, you need to understand that you are unique. Your experienced, leadership and creativity is what differentiates you from anybody else and the reason everybody wants to work with you.

    Essential personal and professional attributes make you a very effective project manager and somebody great to work with. We are not born with attributes such as empathy, effective communication skills or excellent leadership skills but we have opportunities everyday to improve ourselves, develop our skills and show our uniqueness.


  • We need to continuously think about our uniqueness and what we can accomplish if we embrace it freely. Sometimes we want to be like someone else, even if it is a good way, however, that is okay to a certain level. You must understand that you will always be different and the things that you do are not equal to anybody else's.

    Every inch of you is unique. Accept it. Don't get intimidated by other's uniqueness, always show yours. You must approach every project in a very unique way, your own unique way.

    Don't limit yourself and continue growing personally and professionally.

    How unique do you think you are?


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