Unrealistic deadlines from management

  • Project Manager
  • IT / Communications
  • "Initial deadlines change, discuss the timelines with your team"

  • Management provided me with unrealistic deadlines for completing a technical project in which I had to deal with multiple vendors and team members.


  • I discussed the possibilities to accomplish the expected task with my project team and brought up the recommendations to management.

    I communicated that it was not possible to achieve the objectives within the time frame that they had accomplished and suggested a new timeframe based on information discussed with the project team.

    The stakeholders agreed and were happy to understand that the time frame had been reviewed and that more time would be required to achieve our goals.


  • As a project manager you need to plan your projects well from the beginning, gather requirements properly, increase communication with your team and stakeholders and report on project status and progress constantly.

    Always bring your suggestions to our stakeholders and ensure that you have enough time and money to achieve your goals. Communicate, communicate, communicate...


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