From to-do to done with Kanban

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  • "There are plenty of project management tools out there but only you will benefit from choosing the right one"

  • There are many tools for project managers out there. They  are all trying to get you to try and buy their products claiming that you will be able to manage your projects better. However, I believe it does not depend on the tool but in the way you use the tool to keep track of your projects and stay on top of what is going on.

    As a project manager, you can influence management and try to transform the organization to start using a specific tool but in reality you and your team will be the ones most benefit from choosing the right tool.


  • It is important not to get caught up on all nice features offered by these tools or spend countless of hours trying to decide on the best tool to help you manage your projects. Most of the time "simple"is the best choice. If you are just starting out, research the tools out there, ask around, learn from others and you will find the right tool for you.

    Personally, I prefer Kanban boards as they are simple to use and allow me to visually the entire picture and realize where bottlenecks occur.

    I have previously used the Kanban approach to deliver projects. When I was new to Kanban, I was using sticky notes to breakdown my project and work with my team more efficiently.  At the time, I really enjoyed it. Then, I moved into using digital Kanban boards which I also enjoyed as you could drag and drop, attach files, update on the spot and share with others.

    Kanban boards allow you to break down your user stories into small achievable tasks and tackle them with your team, see where each task stands and visualize the next steps.


  • As a modern project manager, you need to be thorough when planning and organizing a project. The Kanban approach can help you improve workflows, reduce delivery times, increase predictability and better track projects and tasks.

    Kanban boards can help you visualizing each tasks to be performed and  help your team track projects more efficiently.

    I have personally used Kanban by Asana (Not advertising for them here) by I found it was a great digital tool to plot projects and move tasks around very easily.


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