Emotional Intelligence in Projects

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  • "The modern project manager must be emotionally intelligent"

  • What does it mean to be an emotionally intelligent project manager? I have completed many projects during my project manager career and I have to admit that I have never given that much thought to the concept of emotional intelligence when working on a project.

    The way I have approached projects, in a personal way and not as a professional, have always been with a general intelligence approach and with the best intentions to get along with all stakeholders, listening to their request, working with them to help collect requirements and satisfying their needs.

    However, I have to admit that I was never conscious about my own emotions when working on tasks for my projects or realized how it could affect others in my team.


  • Personally, I think that being emotionally intelligent when working on a project means listening and using an effective style in communication with your team and other stakeholders.

    Also, leading, influencing and motivating the project team so that they can work together and accomplish their project goals within defined timelines.

    Furthermore, making assertive decisions and realizing the vision and value of the project so that I can get my point across to stakeholders effectively.

    I believe that being aware of the each situation and identifying your own emotions can help you make better decisions, help others in your team identify their own emotions and improve project performance overall.


  • I am taking the time to continue researching, think deeply about emotionally intelligence and embracing changes in my personality to accommodate this improved way of thinking and reacting to situations.

    I am trying to tackle each project by identifying my own emotions such as joy, sadness, anger and help others identify their own emotions throughout the project as well.

    This simply can help build better relationship between myself,  my project team, sponsors and other stakeholders.

    You need to practise emotionally intelligence in your life first, then apply it to your projects.

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